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The Company's Establishment

PT Citra Lautan Teduh furthermore stated as CLT was established in Batam. With company deed No. 98 Dated August 23, 1990 and amendment with company deed No. 19 Dated July 12, 1994 and then re-amendment with notarial deed No. 24 Dated October 29, 1994, made in the presence Nurhayati Suryasumirat, SH, Notary in Batam.The Deed has obtained the endorsement of Minister of Law of the Republic of Indonesia with its decision No. C2-5921.HT.01.01.TH.95 dated May 11, 1995 and and published in the Gazette Supplement No. 8618 from Indonesia of Republic State News no. 83 Dated October 17, 1995. PT Citra Lautan Teduh have been operated since1992.

Articles of Association have been amended several times and the Latter amendment is No. 21 Dated March 17, 2015, made in the presence Mochamad Nova Faisal, SH, M.KN, Notary in Jakarta. The amendment was approved by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia in a Decision Letter No. AHU-AH.01.03-0017289 dated March 18, 2015.

At September 12, 2014, PT Wijaya Karya Beton acquired 90% share of PT Citra Lautan Teduh which is domiciled in Batu Besar. Then on December 5, 2014, PT Wijaya Karya Beton enlarge acquisition of PT Citra Lautan Teduh to 99.5% shares.

Purpose and Objectives

In Accordance with company establishment deed No.21 dated March 17, 2015 noted by Mochamad Nova Faisal, SH, M.KN, Notary in Jakarta and has been approved by Ministry of Law and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia No. AHU-AH.01.03-0017289 dated March 18, 2015 so the purpose and objectives of CLT's business are as follows :
  1. To engage in trade and industrial concrete, construction services and other related business fields.
  2. To achieve the purpose and objective, CLT could take part on main business as follows :
    • Doing Planning, Production, Sales, Installation, and Implementation of concrete construction products, among those are:
      • PC Piles
      • Railway Concrete Products
      • Bridge
      • Sheet Piles
      • Hydro Structure Concrete Products
      • Building Concrete Products
      • Marine Concrete Products
      • Other Concrete Products
    • Services Planning, Implementation and Construction Supervision in the fields of business:
      • Civil Engineering
      • Electrical
      • Postensioning
    • Planning, production, and sale of products / components of building materials
    • Export & Import Concrete Product.
    • Supporting business activities in order to optimize the utilization of its resources.


About US

PT Citra Lautan Teduh 
Head Office and Factory
Jl. Hang Jebat Km. 01 Batu Besar,
Batam - Indonesia
Phone : (062) 778 761185
  : (062) 778 761186
Fax : (062) 778 761184
Email : marketing@wikaclt.co.id


Factory Support

Binjai (North Sumatera), Tegineneng (Lampung, Sumatera), Kalianda (South Lampung, Sumatera), Bogor, Karawang, Majalengka (West Java), Boyolali (Central Java), Pasuruan (East Java), Balikpapan (East Borneo-in Progress), Makassar (South Celebes)