Hydro Structure

Hydro Structure

Concrete pipe products as building components of water produced by the compressive strength of K-500 and K-600.Concrete products for the building of this water is more economical when compared with steel pipe because it does not require periodic maintenance, or in other words free maintenance.
Concrete pipe manufactured with two types, namely Core Type prestressed Concrete Pipes (Pipes CPC) and Centrifugal Reinforced Concrete Pipes (Pipes CRC) with a diameter of 600 mm to 3000 mm and 6000 mm maximum length. 
The use of vibro press centrifugal system on the production process to produce concrete with very high density so as to produce products which have a permeability and shrinkage of concrete is very low.
Concrete Pipe In addition, for the purposes of Building Water also created another product that is Channel U and Linning.


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